Buying New or Used Car

When you buy a used car, you have the opportunity to get a lot of car for the money, both by buying from a dealer and buying from a private car dealer. But how do you avoid paying too much for the dream car? There are countless possibilities, the cars usually come in a certain condition and are not of the same vintage. Other differences in used cars are that they reach a low level of equipment. All elements of course define price.

The most obvious is to use an online car assessment guide.

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There you can choose make, model, vintage, version km-stand, color and degree of equipment. Then the system tells you what the car should cost from a dealer. You can then compare with the prices that you find on the Internet or in the newspaper car. On the Internet, you can also spend conveniently searching for used cars, both from dealers and private individuals.

Benefits of reseller purchase. Most people are aware that dealership cars cost more than private cars for sale, which are of course a number of viable explanations, because the donor has the cost of an exhibition space, employees, advertising, interest payments on their used car inventory as well as car preparation, etc.

But reseller buying also has a number of benefits:

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The dealer is usually a wide range and can guide you around identical or similar cars if the contingency car still does not fully fit. Generally, the dealer will be able to dream the car through their professional network in a short time, thus saving you time and search costs.

2 years of the complaint provides greater security in the trade. Car dealers are car dealers whose dealers are obliged to give you a 2-year warranty, including a guarantee that the car is purchased from outstanding debt on acquisition and generally a security for a professional sales process.

Problems with complaints of cars under NOK 100,000 must be implemented through the Consumer Council. If the dealer is connected to the industry’s own complaints, complaints about cars from NOK 100,000 can be appealed to the board for cars. It is an independent professional table, of which most car dealers are a member, and then settle the dispute for a maximum of 1 ½ months. He is then obliged to follow the industry’s own ruling.

The dealer can usually take over the car directly on the day you get the new car, so you should not stand with two cars for a while. If you can see the benefits from dealership purchases, private commerce is an interesting option. The price can usually compete with the retailer, and maybe the thrill of looking for a good deal more.

Car type selection

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A small, flat, wide and the red Italian sports car or a BMW is perhaps the first reaction for most people. But in the real world, you should analyze your needs and your family.

What is your transport, daily, weekly and yearly? How Many Miles Is It About? Are you driving on a freeway, road or in a city? Should the car be used mainly by one person or to transport a municipality? What kind of cargo does it usually have to carry, an attaché or large family weekly grocery shopping?

After looking at it, it’s a good idea to consider the luxury gear you’re willing to pay extra for. Remember that bigger engine, fatter design and more space are all luxury items, which are very expensive every month, you repay the car, and vice versa do not give much, the day the car is going to be sold. Are you willing to pay? Or should you listen to the rest of the family and look for a car with features, like air conditioning for the trip south?

Insurance for your car

Insurance for your car

Once you have chosen the type, you will soon be able to see how much you should insure your car with. And it is a good idea just to contact insurance companies, what it really costs to insure the car, you have chosen. Small rapping models with GTI discs and the like can be surprisingly expensive to insure.

You will probably get a loan to buy a car. Acquire at least three different loan offers that you can compare. Compare the financing of the offer with any dealer. Remember that the interest rate should be tax deductible, it can not charge. It can also change the image of the loan being cheaper than the car’s repayment term.

Value and the overall economy. By looking at a rating of a similar car when it is one year older and one year younger, you can get an idea of ​​the value loss. You can also read the analysis of value. Then you’re ready to set a budget. Here you should take all the important elements: annual interest costs, annual depreciation, annual insurance, ownership and fuel costs.

So you can clearly see the car which is most economical. A look at the crystal ball around in cars that are expected to be in demand for a few years is also useful, such as “this year’s color mode” is not always fashionable color for 3 years.
Check your car thoroughly before buying, is the last advice.

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